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blank tablet 4.1 - the reboot

In an attempt to make sense of everything happening around me for the past year and 1/2 I relied too much on my antiquated education. 
Drawing upon my studies of philosophy and psychology, my brain kept returning to the  Epistemological theory of the Tabla Rasa. But it was not setting right. I looked back to the beginning of my memories and all that was imprinted on me. I rolled it over on my tongue like a fine wine, attempting to guess the separate flavors. I was attempting to use that same kind of sensory filing sort out the different sources of all my belief system. My views on life, on self.. In my brain I was seeing the tablet with chalk as envisioned in the 1980s. When my brain is struggling with the contrast of my CURRENT envisioning of a tablet. 

That of the one that comes complete with an operating system, wi-fi enabled internet.. the ability to adapt and hold any number of apps you wish to add to it, to personalize it and make it your own. The extension of your self outside of your self. We are able to pour out our souls onto these little machines. We are also given the god like power of taking these tablets, and crashing them.. wiping the memories clean and imprinting on them something else. A software update, a different operating system.. a whole new set of apps.. 

While we are perhaps born with out all the apps, I find it hard that we are not hardwired with a certain OS which guides us towards which apps perhaps work on our tablets?  I am holding on to my genetic hard-wiring, my essential OS, but for the past 18 months I have been involved in an unconscious memory dump. 

Today I stopped reading my book and looked up to the blue sky... It was not a blue screen of death. It was a blue screen of reboot, and as i watched a few jets fly by, and then a few birds.. It all made sense.. 

I just upgraded my software, and switched over all the apps in my brain.. 

this is me


details to follow ( sorry, mostly friends only. )

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