jee/jeri/mommy/daddi (lizardjee) wrote,


Suddenly awoke from years of slumber to find that my 2D black and white thought processes consisting of primal screams and survival grunts had once again transformed back into 3D multicolor prose.. ♥

  • gram

    ny mom and sister REALLY look like my gram, these are a couple of old pictures that i found where i resemble her a little. gram in…

  • I'm broken

    It only took 47.5 years, but I finally broke a bone.. It's becoming a worker's comp nightmare,  but I'm focused on healing. The rest will work…

  • before and after halloween

    mommy and jaxen 29oct2006 31oct2007 jaxen and mommy 31oct2008 did not go to my dads, so had to take the pic at our house :…

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