jee/jeri/mommy/daddi (lizardjee) wrote,

thinking pink..

Shopping for Jaxen is a very trying process. 
He wants pink and hello kitty everything. 
Sadly, all the pink and hello kitty we are finding are in frilly girls styles and he thinks those are stupid.. 
So what are we to do?
We were walking through the store the other day and in the MENS section they have pink shirts, and sweatshirts.. even bathing suits. 

What kind of message is this sending? You have to be a certain size or age to wear pink? You have to be old enough to be aware of your decision to wear pink?

Why aren't boys allowed pink? Because it is a girl color and "weak"? Kids will call him "gay"? I just do not get it. 
The majority of people in Jaxens life are women.. and gay.. 
Pink is historically a strong color.
The women in his life are strong women.. 
The majority of the people in his life are part of the LGBT community. 
Does his love of pink make him weak? does it make him gay? 
Nope. He loves his girls.. He is a confident boy and pretty secure in who he is. 
Why is it so difficult to find clothes that he wants to wear?
I am pretty sick of gender dividers.

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