tattoo back

the boys

zane and jax decorating the treezane and jax decorating the tree

zane and jaxzane and jax

jax and zanejax and zane

jax and zane when i told them to pose like brothersjax and zane when i told them to pose like brothers

they. rock. they. rock.

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tattoo back

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I feel sad when I walk past uprooted flowers that are still in full color bloom. They try to look cheerful toppled over discarded in the street, but I can hear them silently weeping amongst the dead leaves and broken branches...
tattoo back


Suddenly awoke from years of slumber to find that my 2D black and white thought processes consisting of primal screams and survival grunts had once again transformed back into 3D multicolor prose.. ♥
tattoo owl

eye see you

from the other night when the power was out..

the flashlight i am using to read is resting over my aching shoulder and is casting its semi blocked light on the far wall. i glance from the too dark printed page and am startled by the oversized scooby dooesque eye staring at me.
it says
i see you
i know you
i quickly shift
and make it blink...
i roll over and feel its gaze burn into the back of my skull

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