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life with the steptwins

liberal, tattooed, educated, co-sleeping, feminist, woman, mom, dad, dyke.. who votes.. >;)

Legally married to a wonderful woman, mommy to the best boy born in 2006, daddi to the best boy born in 2006.. in love with our dogs Maynard and Zelda.. living life the best I can and loving every minute of it.
mom to angels who will always live in my hearts and be guardian angels to my boys..

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From 28_30april2009

From 26_27mar2009

happy fall 2007

too cute..

HEY! hold still so i can eat you!

jaxen says: i am so much cooler than you

jaxen snarks you

Jaxen says get that damn silver thing out of my face

Jaeci Claire Michelle Sept 29, 2006-Oct 18, 2006 our shooting star...forever in our hearts
jaeci our shooting star

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